[17.05.2022] Maintenance work


Команда форума

On May 17, from 10:00 to 11:00 Moscow time, the game world of Kain x50 and Hatos x10 will be unavailable due to preventive maintenance.
Times are approximate and subject to change.

Support for multiple item IDs with an enchantment factor.
Improvements to the damage formula when using skills with a debuff.
Reworked the base stat bonus formula.
Updated the karma increase value formula.
Fix Skip raid minions from boss announcements.
Fix homunculus (Uncoded homunculus data).
Fix buying homunculus slots.
Fix starting number of homunculi 3.
Updated clan privileges to match the latest client.
Fix instance of Krofina zone 105-130. (Updated instance zone).
Fix crystallization.

Fix skill:
Lonely Stone
Sharp Edge of the Storm

Fix NPCs and monsters:
All monsters and raid bosses that had a 100% resistance passive against bow and crossbow have been reduced to 20%.

Fix items:
Fix Blessed Feather (Made cd 5 min.) - We thank the player for their help: OlegNechet.

Global Updates:
New Divine armor with unique properties and a new armor modification. ( Link )
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Divine Armor ( Link )
Scroll: Enchant Divine Armor + (Spoil+Drop from monsters)( Link )
Added to Community (alt-b)/Shop/Armor - New (Exchange of Leviathan ultimate armor +126 for divine set).
New recipes ( Link )

Updated Raid Bosses (Drop + Stats + Level):
Junior san Fafurion 130 Lv. (Drop) ( Link )
Head Guard of the Labyrinth 110 Lv. (Drop + Stats + Mechanics) ( Link )

Master of Magic Feoh Skill Updates:
Water Flash (Made a 15% chance, lowered the maximum removal of buffs to 2 + fixed cooldown).
Water Whirlwind (Made a 15% chance, reduced the maximum removal of positive effects to 2 + a fixed cooldown).

Archmage Feo Skill Updates:
Fire Whirl (fixed cooldown).
Hellfire (fixed cooldown).

Soul Eater Feoh Skill Updates:
Dark Flare (fixed cooldown).
Dark Vortex (fixed cooldown).

Soul Eater Feoh Skill Updates:
Dark Flare (fixed cooldown).
Dark Vortex (fixed cooldown).

Storm Eater Feoh Skill Updates:
Blood Flash (fixed cooldown).
Blood Whirlwind (fixed cooldown).

Feo Inquisitor Skill Updates:
Holy Whirlwind (fixed cooldown).
Holy Flare (fixed cooldown).


Команда форума
The maintenance work has been completed.
Kain x50 Hatos x10 server is available for playing.
I wish you all a pleasant time.

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