(MC2 x20)[07/19/2022] Event - Summer Hunt!


Команда форума

For the next 3 weeks, the summer hunting season is declared open! Double Exp and Sp awaits you in the hunting zones! Don't forget to look into the session zones, because there are already special bonuses for hunting!

Event duration: from July 19 to August 9, 2022

In all locations with monsters and raid bosses doubled Exp and Sp (Example: Rates x20 will be multiplied by x2 = x40 + Premium Accounts = x80.
In all session zones, the Summer Hunt Chest will drop.
The maximum number of Chests dropped from the Summer Hunt by one character per day is 50 pieces. (Chance 1%).

By opening the Summer Hunt Chest you can get:
Honey Dark Beer 1 Piece
Freya's Ice Rose 1 pc.
Brilliant Elemental Dragon Potion (Experience) x1
Emperor's Special Cocktail x1
Sparkling Nevitt Gold Hourglass 1 Piece
Hourglass Homunculus 1 Piece
Talisman of Smite 10 days 1 pc.
Holy Scroll: Enchant R-grade Weapon 1 pcs.
Holy Scroll: Enchant R-grade Armor 1 pcs.
Scroll of Destruction: Enchant R-grade Weapon 1 pcs.
Scroll of Destruction: Enchant R-grade Armor 1 pcs.
Sealed Akamanah Bloodstained Weapon Chest
Sealed Zarich Bloody Weapon Chest
Dragon Weapon Box Common Grade
Enhanced Agathion Trinket Box +5
Dragon Hard Skin Shirt Box +5
Lindvior's earring
Book of Forgotten Power Chapter 1
Dawn Crystal
Battle Spirit Crystal
Crystal of Protection
Artifact Crystal
Color Crystal

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