(Kain x50) [08/09/2022] Scarlet Libra Squad


Команда форума

Head of the Crimson Libra Guild, Great Merchant Krasen, welcomes you, adventurer!

Paraparacots have returned to Giran and are ready to please travelers again. Zelen will tell you about the amazing secret knowledge, Cheren will amaze you with his blacksmithing skills, cute Rose will show his experiments with paints, and the Blue Escort Soldier will thank everyone who helps protect the Guild for their help.

Time: 09.08.2022-30.08.2022

The Crimson Libra Guild will return to Elmoreden! Merchants will be located in Giran.

Blue Escort Soldier :
A soldier of the Blue Escort has arrived in Elmoraden as a guard for the Scarlet Libra Guild.

  • Blue invites you to complete the task.
  • Lately, Kimara has been getting stronger and ordinary warriors can no longer cope!
    You must defeat Kymar in Divine difficulty (Eternal Refuge 130) and get the Jewel of Dawn.
    If you bring 10 Gems, Blue will exchange them for very rare recipes.
    This quest requires a character level of 130!
  • Gem of the Dawn Cannot be: exchanged, dropped, sold in a personal shop, sold in a shop, sold through the Auction system, stored in a clan vault.

Recipe: Sealed Saiha Ring - Lv. 1 (50%)
Recipe: Sealed Mafra Ring - Lv. 1 (50%)
Recipe: Sealed Pa'agrian Earring - Lv. 1 (50%)
Recipe: Sealed Eva's Earring - Lv. 1 (50%)
Recipe: Sealed Gran Kain's Necklace - Lv. 1 (50%)
Recipe: Sealed Einhasad Necklace - Lv. 1 (50%)

Great Merchant Krasen:

  • Krasen will offer to Buy the Stone of Destiny for 50,000 Golden Einhasad and 20 Coins of Luck.
  • With the help of a stone, you can change the main class of a character without losing a level and without taking into account the character's archetype, i.e. you can change the archer to the magician, etc.
  • One Stone of Destiny = one change of the main class.
  • The Stone of Destiny only changes the main class, not the dual one!
  • To change classes, you need a cloak of the current class.
  • List of restrictions when changing class:
    • all skills of the current main class, including improved (sharpened), are removed when changing class. You need to re-learn all the skills;
    • when changing class, the unique skill Ride the Silver Dragon is removed
    • when changing class, the skills of the Forgotten Power are retained;
    • when changing class, dual-class certification skills are retained;
    • when changing class, the skills of the clan, the Nobleman and the Honorary Nobleman are preserved;
    • when changing class and removing all previous skills, SP is not compensated;
    • Artei can choose any class, not even the class of the Artei race;
    • Artey classes are available only to Artey himself;
    • the Master of Tyr class is available only to Dwarves;
    • Despot Isa class is available only to Orcs;
    • when changing class, the character must be in the state of the main class;
    • you cannot change the main class in a state of transformation or with a summoned pet or servant, as well as when the weight limit or inventory cells are exceeded;
    • the character's current primary class must not be the same as the dual class;
    • the character must be Ascended and at least level 85;
    • the character must not be a Hero/Legend or be in Hero/Legend waiting status;
    • the number of Olympiad points is reset to 1000;
    • Runes for 1st and 2nd place in the Olympiad will be removed.


  • The changed main class will remain as it was at the end of the event. Be careful and choose the right class, because. After the event, it will not be possible to change it!

  • You can change class at Erathona in Aden!

Tetrarch Zelen:
  • Zelen offers everyone who wants to go through the rebirth of the dual class and the main class, and, unlike Rean's service from the Talking Island Village, Zelen will do this while maintaining the dual class level!


Dual Class Rebirth Service Cost: 100,000,000,000 Adena.
The cost of the service of re-ascension of the Main class: 5000 Golden Einhasad.

  • Attention! The essence of Chaos is used to change the class within the branch (archer-archer, mage-mage)!
  • It is also not recommended to take the basis class! Since 2 classes cannot be on the same character!

Artisan Cheren:
The Scarlet Libra Guild is famous for its jack-of-all-trades, and Cheren is rightfully considered the best of them. He works with the fine weapons of the Scarlet Libra Guild. No one in the world knows how to make and repair weapons better than him. He is a master of his craft.

Cheren offers various weapon exchange options:
Also added the exchange of weapons of the Dragon 1,2,3 Lv., Bloody Zarich and Akamanah.
Cheren can also craft Elysium weapons. Weapon stats cannot be enhanced. It is initially strengthened by the element of holiness.

Weapon Cost - 1 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R) .
Please note: the artisan only accepts the most common scrolls of enchantment, event scrolls and other special scrolls will not work.

Elysium weapons have a bright, distinctive glow, similar to that of the heroes' weapons, but green.

Cheren can also craft the weapon of the Seven Deadly Sins for 24 hours. Weapon stats cannot be enhanced.


The cost of the weapon is 1 Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R) .
Please note: the artisan only accepts blessed scrolls of enchantment, event scrolls and other special scrolls will not work.

Leviathan Armor Exchange:

  • Cheren is able to change the upper and lower parts of Leviathan's armor (R110): heavy to light, magical and vice versa. Only Reinforced and Ultimate Armor are available for exchange.
  • The armor enchantment value is retained and the changed appearance is reset.

Divine Armor Exchange:
  • Cheren is able to change the parts of the Divine Armor: heavy into light, magical and vice versa.
  • The armor enchantment value is retained and the changed appearance is reset.
  • The cost of the exchange is 250 Elcyum.

Grocer Rose:

The most beautiful and charming member of the Scarlet Libra Guild, Grocer Rose , loves to experiment with paint.


Rose the Grocer buys the common transferable types of paints: Giant Dyes, Ancient Dyes, and Legendary Dyes . In exchange for the paints, cutie Rose offers a special mortar called Rudy .

The table below provides a complete list of paints available for exchange:

Rose offers the specified amount of Rudy for 1 piece. any of the colors listed above.

In addition, the grocer exchanges Rudy for Giant Dyes Lv. 5 or Legendary Dye 1 Lv. obtained during the most complex experiments in Elysium. For 1320 pcs. Rudy or 3650 pcs. Rudy has a chance to get one of the following dyes:



When trading, you can receive a random paint set.

  • Grocer Rose can replenish supplies:
Scroll of Scarlet Libra Fortune - Value 250 Gold Einhasad.
Elysium Restoration Potion - Cost 20 Gold Einhasad.
High-grade Skill Power Talisman Crit. Skill Atk - Cost 5000 Gold Einhasad.
High-grade Elemental Attack Talisman Crit. Atk. for normal attacks - Cost 5000 Gold Einhasad.
Talisman of High-grade Skill Cooldown Time P. Def. Def./ M. Def. Def. - Cost 5000 Golden Einhasad.

Additional Information:

  • Event NPCs are located in only one city - Giran.
  • All trade deals with event NPCs are irreversible - carefully check the cost of the goods and the likelihood of an exchange before starting a deal!
  • All items of Scarlet Libra Guild members are exempt from local taxes, so the price will remain fixed throughout the event.
  • The exchange of Rudy for Paints with NPC Rose happens randomly: you can get a random set of paints.

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