(MC2 x1000) [Promotion] - Vkontakte repost


Команда форума

Dear friends!
We are announcing a promotion for those who like to repost in contact!
5 people will be randomly selected.

In order to take part in the draw, you must fulfill the following conditions :
Add our VK page as a friend - https://vk.com/av_eng_er_te_am
Repost this message - https://vk.com/av_eng_er_te_am?w=wall415162921_217%2Fall

Five winners will share 50 Coins of Luck among themselves:
Winners will be randomly selected using the VK random app!

The results of the promotion will be summed up on August 28 after 18.00 Moscow time.
All prizes will be given out within 24 hours after the publication of the results.
Users duplicating their topics / messages with a request to issue bonuses will be excluded from the promotion.

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