(MC2 x1000)[Event] Server Master Warrior


Команда форума

Dear players!
The "FreGame" team announces the hottest event on the "Main Server Warrior" project!
The most worthy warriors will be able to get the most precious prizes for participating in PvP Battles.
Your task! participate in PvP battles as much as possible.
The more you participate in PvP battles, the more valuable your prize will be.

Prizes for participating in the event:
1st place - Leviathan Armor Set PvP/PVE +30.
2nd place - Radiance of the Heir 10 Lv.
3rd place - 50 Coins of Luck.
4th place - 50 Coins of Luck.
5th place - 50 Coins of Luck.
6th place - 40 Coins of Luck.
7th place - 30 Coins of Luck.
8th place - 20 Coins of Luck.
9th place - 20 Coins of Luck.
10th place - 10 Coins of Luck.

The winners will be announced on September 6 at 20:00 Moscow time! (on stream)


Команда форума
1st place - ksiliaks
2nd place - Web Seeker
3rd place - ken
4th place - Tomimo Tokoso
5th place - Faceit
6th place - System32
7th place - Needle
8th place - shell
9th place - java
10th place - OperatorQ

Stream with the Winners:

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