Opening the MC2 x1000 Server


Команда форума

Dear players!
We invite all of you to take part in the opening of a new game server on the chronicles Master Class 2 " MC2 x1000 "

The opening of the MC2 x1000 server is scheduled for August 27th at 20:00 Moscow time!
Open Beta Test scheduled for August 20th at 12:00 Moscow time!

MC2 x1000 Server is fully developed for PvP Economy.

There are three stages of development in total:
1.) Character development by farming adena and buying equipment in the store for adena. (Maximum character development, approximately 2 months). This is the quietest development.
2.) Character development with the Silver Einhasad coin and purchase of equipment in the shop with the Silver Einhasad. (Maximum character development, approximately 2-3 weeks). This is the most difficult development, since the coin falls only in one location, and there competitors will be waiting for you to farm the coin, since pvp is allowed in the location.
3.) Character development at the expense of the Coin of Fortune and purchase of equipment in the store for Coins of Fortune. (Maximum character development, approximately 2-3 hours). This is the fastest character development, since you can buy all the equipment with maximum characteristics.

In PvP Locations, every 24 +-12 hours, a raid boss with maximum equipment appears.

Everyone who has a client and a registered account will be able to participate on the obt server.
You can register an account right now by clicking on the
link .
Client and game patch, you can download the link now !
Description of the server
link !

If you have any questions write in this thread.
If you have a suggestion for a server, write in the
suggestions section !

Participate in promotions before the server opens:
MC2 x1000) 100 Lucky Coins discord giveaway
(MC2 x1000) [Promotion] - Vkontakte repost
(MC2 x1000) [Bonus] Clans!
(MC2 x1000)[Event] Server Master Warrior

May Einhasad be with you!

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