(MC2 x1000) Event - Dragon Fever


Команда форума

The lord of the flame Pa'agrio began to plot something evil. He infected all the monsters of Aden, Elmore and Gracia with dragon eggs. Your task is to collect Shells. Servant of the Flame Aslan will assist you in this process.
Event Period
09/20/ 2022-10
/11/2022 - the main period of the event. Event items drop from monsters.
10/11/2022 - Shells will be removed. Event NPCs will leave the game. Event rewards will remain

Event Description
1. Get Shells from monsters with a 3% chance.
2. Talk to the Servant of the Flame Aslan - for 100 pieces of the Shell, he will summon Lindrako the Whelp. You need to kill the dragon. After you kill the Whelpling, the Whelpling has a 80% chance to drop: Lindrako's Gift . Killing a dragon is best for levels 110+.
3. You can also exchange 50 Shells for Draco's Glittering Gift .

When you open Lindraco's Gift, one of the items:

Freya's Brilliant Ice Rose (20% chance)
Royal Honey Dark Beer (20% chance)
Sparkling Nevitt Royal Gold Hourglass (20% chance)
Brilliant Royal Elemental Dragon Potion (20% chance)
Brilliant Scroll of Freya's Storm (20% chance)
Agathion Keychain: Fire Dragon (1% Chance)

When you open Draco's Glittering Gift, one of the items :
Freya's Ice Rose (15% chance)
Freya's Storm Scroll (13% chance)
Honey Dark Beer (Chance 11%)
Sparkling Gold Nevitt Hourglass (8% chance)
Brilliant Elemental Dragon Potion (10% chance)
Dragon Skin Shirt Enchant Stone (7% chance)
Scroll of Gran Kain: Enchant Dragon Thick Skin Shirt (1.5% chance)
Dragon Necklace (Chance 1%)
Dragon Earring (Chance 1%)
Dragon Ring (Chance 1%)
Berserker Dragon Suit Processing Stone (1.5% chance)
Dragon Hard Skin Shirt Box +5 (0.5% chance)
Dragon Weapon Box Common Grade (2.0% chance)
Low Grade Dragon Weapon Box (4.0% chance)
Good. Scroll: Enchant Dragon Skin Shirts (13.0% chance)
Top Grade Dragon Weapon Box (0.5% chance)
High Grade Dragon Weapon Box (1.5% chance)
Traveler's Fortune Scroll (13.0% Chance)
Book of Forgotten Power (3.0% chance)
Divine Dragon Agathion Development Book (1.5% chance)
Dragon Weapon Enchant Stone (1.5% chance)

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