(HF x50) [Bonus] Clans!


Команда форума

Dear visitors of our project!
If you have your own clan or cp!?
Then this promotion is for you!

What bonuses await you when joining a clan or CP:

When moving as a clan of 10+ people:
Level 8 clan, Clan Leader Premium Account for 7 Days and VIP Bafer certificate.

To get a clan bonus:
Only living people count!
Attempts to deceive and create "fake" clans will be punished, up to the blocking of everyone who participated in this.
Bonuses will be issued within a day after verification.

Leave applications in the following form in this thread:
1. Clan name
2. Nick clan leader
2. The number of people in the clan.

The bonus is valid only for the HF x50 server.
The bonus will be valid until December 31, 2022.

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