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Opening the MC1 x100 server



Dear players!
We invite you all to take part in the opening of a new game server Lineage 2 Master Class 1 "MC1 x100"

The opening of the MC1 x100 server is scheduled for November 11th at 20:00 Moscow time!
The Open Beta Test is scheduled for November 1st at 12:00 Moscow time!

Everyone who has a client and a registered account will be able to participate on the obt server.
You can register an account right now by clicking on the
link .
Client and game patch, you can download the link now !

"MC1 x100" will merge with Kain x50 in the future, not earlier than 6 months!
"MC1 x100" is made with 2x faster character development.
"MC1 x100" is a copy of Kain x50 to attract new players.

If you have any questions write in this thread.
If you have a suggestion for a server, write in the
suggestions section !

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May Einhasad be with you!

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