(MC3 x100)[01/17/2023] Event - Lucky Hour


Команда форума

Every hour can be a lucky one! The Holiday Fairy has returned to Elmoraden - you can find her in every city. Feel free to participate in its drawings and maybe you will become the owner of valuable prizes!

Event duration: from January 17 to January 31

How to participate:
Step 1.

Take the bag from the Holiday Fairy.
(Only for characters level 105+.)

Step 2
Click on the bag in inventory
to get the Fairy Luck Ticket.

Step 2
Click on the Fairy Lucky Ticket in inventory,
to get a Positive Effect.

Step 4
Participate in the prize draw.
(The draw is automatic.)

General information:
  • Only characters of level 105 and above can take part in the event .
  • The Holiday Fairy NPC can be found in any city on a special event pedestal.
  • Bag of Luck is issued once for the duration of the event, it cannot be removed.
  • Bag of Luck can be obtained by all characters of the account.
  • The event effect gives a bonus Damage PVE +10% defense against all elements +20 and a bonus of experience and SP +10%, changes the appearance of the character.
  • One Effect is valid for 1 hour, after that you need to use the ticket again to participate.
The drawing interface can be opened and closed at any time using a special button on the sidebar.
The tooltip on the button also displays the current stage and the number of the attempt.
The circular indicator on the event button allows you to determine the remaining time until the end of the stage (hour).

Raffle prizes​

  • Briefly about the rules of the draw:
    • The drawing of the main prize takes place within an hour and consists of 5 attempts. The completion of each draw attempt is marked on a special scale in the event window.
    • Each draw attempt occurs with a certain chance (not 100%). This means that no one can get the main prize.
    • The draw time is set randomly. If the scale is completely filled, but the winner is not declared, a new drawing begins.
    • After completing 5 attempts, the event stops until the next hour.
    • The character must be in the game under the action of the event effect at the time of the drawing of the main prize.
    • Each day of the event is divided into 24 draws = 24 hours. Every hour a new main prize is drawn. The 1st draw starts at 12:00. At 11:00 the next day, the last 24th is held.
    • The prize is mailed to the winner.
    • All participants, including the winners, can receive a prize for participating in the Fairy Luck Coin in the event window. The number of available coins is indicated in the event window. To receive coins, you need to click on the "Get" button.
    • Coins can only be obtained if the main prize has been played on the server. If the main prize is not received by anyone, no one will get the coins.
    • Coins can be used at any time.
    • Coins can be exchanged with the Holiday Fairy for useful items.
    • Coins must be received in the event window before the end of the event, otherwise all coins not received, but accumulated in the event window will disappear.
  • The prize draw starts automatically at level 105 and above.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------
From 00:00 to 10:59 Moscow time:
1.) Fairy Luck Coin Chest (2500 Coins)
-------------------------------------------------- ---------
From 11:00 to 19:59 Moscow time:
1.) Shilen's Soul Crystal - Lv. 10
2.) Exceptional Saiha Protection Talisman Lv 1
3.) Epic-Heavenly Talisman Lv 1
4.) Exceptional Soul Abundance Talisman - Lv. 1
5.) Aigis Armor Fragment
6.) Powers of the Ruler - Chaos 3 Lv.
7.) Radiance of the Heir - Lv. 8
8.) Scroll: Enchant Dragon Weapon with Rainwater - 3 pcs.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------
From 20:00 to 22:59 Moscow time
1.) Shilen's necklace
2.) Scroll of Gran Kain: Enchant Cloak
3.) Divine Armor Set Coupon +10
-------------------------------------------------- ---------
From 23:00 to 23:59 Moscow time
1.) Cloak of the Dragon of Light
-------------------------------------------------- ---------

Exchange with the Holiday Fairy:

  • When drawing the main prize, all participants will receive Fairy Luck Coins , they can also be obtained from the Fairy Luck Coin Chest .
  • Fairy Luck Coins cannot be exchanged, dropped, sold in a personal trading shop or through the commission system.
Coin exchange:
Fairy Good Luck Ticket - Fairy Luck Coin - 500 pcs.
Fairy Lucky Ticket - Lucky Coin - 2 pcs.
Scroll of Fairy Energy - Fairy Lucky Coin - 20 pcs.
Star Sign - Fairy Good Luck Coin - 200 pcs.
Artifact Crystal - Fairy Lucky Coin - 100 pcs.
Pheebs' Red Potion - Fairy Lucky Coin - 100 pcs.
Scroll of Happy Growth - Fairy Good Luck Coin - 100 pcs.
High-grade Skill Power Talisman Crit. Atk. skills - 200 pcs.
High-grade Elemental Attack Talisman Crit. Atk. for normal attacks - 200 pcs.
Talisman of High-grade Skill Cooldown Time P. Def. Def./ M. Def. Def. - 200 pcs.

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