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(MC3 x50)[05/02/2023] Event - Valakas Assault



Knight Balthus has found a loophole in the Overthrow to get into Valakas' Lair! Gather your allies and go! Challenge Valakas and get useful supplies!
Event Duration:
  • The event will last 1 week: from May 02 to May 9 (10:00 Moscow time) .
  • To avoid discomfort when participating in the event, we recommend activating the minimum settings (Alt + P), as well as reducing the PC / NPC Limit on the "Video" tab in the game settings.

  • Every day at 21:00 UTC, Valakas appears in the Lair. You can move to the raid zone using the Overthrow session zone.
  • The teleport is available at any time, but the boss only appears at the specified hour.
  • Valakas is thick-skinned! Characters will only deal 1 damage to it. damage.
  • The raid lasts 60 minutes (until 22:00 UTC), if you do not meet this time, Valakas will disappear at 22:00 UTC.
  • If a server instability occurs during the raid, after the server is restored, Valakas will remain in his place with full HP.
  • After the raid is completed, all characters receive Valakas' Gift 1 pc. and one character will receive a Valakas Unique Gift.
  • Valakas Unique Gift drop is affected by Mathr and PA.

By opening the Gift of Valakas You can get:
Sealed Huff Power Rune - 3 days
Sealed Rune of Huff Magic - 3 days
Sealed Rune of Vollint's Will - 3 days
Sealed Rune of Follint's Destruction - 3 days
Sealed Doctor Destroyer Talent Rune - 3 days
Doctor Destroyer's Sealed Rune of Wisdom - 3 days
Pack: Rune of Eve (30 days)
Title Color Change
Rune Shard x100
Masiya's Soul Crystal 1 Lv.
Pa'agrian Soul Crystal Lv 1

Opening Valakas Unique Gift You Can Get:
Scroll of Destruction: Enchant Dragon Weapon
Dragon Ring Potential Lv. 3+10
Dragon Earring Guardian Lv. 3+10
Dragon Necklace Battle Lv. 3+10
Red Dragon Rune 30 days
Cloak of the Dragon of Light
Improved Agathion Keychain: Fire Dragon
Masiya's Soul Crystal Lv 7
Pa'agrio's Soul Crystal Lv 7

Characteristics of the Red Dragon Rune - Rune of Valakas, containing the power of the Dragon. PvE/PvP Attack Bonus +10%, Modification Probability +5% if you have it in your inventory. EXP/SP Bonus +200%.
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