Программы сотрудничества для стримеров/блогеров Бонус Голосование Отряд Алых Весов Бонус Клан

Event - The Story of Narcissus



Once beautiful, he now possesses a truly terrifying demonic form. This story is passed down from mouth to mouth in the Cursed Village, which appeared in the new update of Master Class: Chapter 3. Sinners end up there and make a living out of killing peaceful characters. In a gloomy village, they hear beautiful music, which breaks their heart and fills them with melancholy. The village managers reveal that she is being played by the demon Narcissus, who was once an angel.
We invite you to also listen to the melody of Narcissus, and at the same time take part in a large-scale event dedicated to the update!​

The event will last 2 weeks: from October 17 to October 31, 2023 (10:00 Moscow time).

Event Description

In the cities of Elmoraden, on the event pedestal, you will meet Guardian Aden Noah.
The cat magician will tell you that he has arrived to fight the fallen angel Narcissus, who is gathering his army in the Forest of the Dead.
Through Noah the Cat you can get to the instance zone where the demon Narcissus will be waiting for you. By defeating Narcissus, you will receive the Noah Event Gift Chest.
Please note that the Narcissus Crystal can be placed in the Collection to receive passive bonuses.
To complete the collection and activate the bonus, you will need 10 crystals.
Name of the Collection Conqueror of the Narcissus zone instance (Collection Effect: Chance of modification +5%).
The effect of the collection is temporary. Validity: until October 31, 2023 (10:00 Moscow time)

When you open the box you will receive the following items with a 100% chance:
Secret Shop Event Ticket - 10 pcs.
Ice Rose of Freya Event - 30 pcs.
Sparkling Dragon Elemental Potion (Experience) Event - 30 pcs.
Emperor's Special Cocktail Event - 30 pcs.
Honey Dark Beer Event - 30 pcs.
Rune of Narcissus for 24 hours.
Narcissus Crystal

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