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Event - It's Hard to Be Cupid


Команда форума

Bouquet and candy season in Elmoraden.
Take part in an amorous adventure... Louis in love prepared a basket of sweets for Doe, but he could not give her the gift himself and sent the Courier. But on the way, the Courier was robbed by monsters. Help collect candy from monsters. Rescue Louie and return the Candy Basket to him.

Duration: The event will last 2 weeks: from February 6 (19:30 Moscow time) to February 20, 2024 (10:00 Moscow time)

Event description:

  • We have prepared sweet prizes for the holiday. First of all, check out NPC Louis . It can be found in every major settlement, on a pedestal.
  • Louis will ask you to collect baskets of candy from monsters and take them to NPC Louis .
  • Having given a basket of 50 candies to Louis, he will give you in return - a Box with Louis' White Day Gift.
  • You can also buy a positive effect for 6 hours from Louis for 10 Silver Shilen.
  • Louie's Candy Basket drop chance - Main x10 1%, Main x50 2%, Main x100 3%.

Louis White Day Gift Box:
When you open the box you will receive the following items randomly:
Big Lollipop Event
White Day Candy Basket Event
Blood of Akamanah
Blood of Zarich
Sealed Akamanah Bloodthirsty Weapon Chest
Sealed Chest with Zaricha's Bloodthirsty Weapon
Divine Tunic of the Gods
Divine Pants of the Gods
Divine Boots of the Gods
Divine Gloves of the Gods
Divine Circlet of the Gods
Divine Leather Armor of the Gods
Divine Leather Pants of the Gods
Divine Leather Boots of the Gods
Divine Leather Gloves of the Gods
Divine Leather Helmet of the Gods
Divine Breastplate of the Gods
Divine Gaiters of the Gods
Divine Boots of the Gods
Divine Gauntlets of the Gods
Divine Helmet of the Gods
Chest with Blessed Fallen Angel Earring +10
Chest with Fallen Angel Earring +10
Box with Agathion Keychain +10
Chest with Mafr T-shirt +10
Large Precious Casket Lv. 5
Sparkling Gem Energy
Soul Shard
Sparkling Energy of Protection
Sparkling Energy of Saiha
Dragon claw
Exceptional Rune Stone
Freya's Staff
Shard of Mad Kelbim
Dragon Crystal

Positive Effect (Chance of items falling from monsters 5%, Receiving Adena 2%).

At the end of the event, the following items will be removed: Louis's White Day Gift Box, Large Lollipop, White Day Candy Basket and Louis' Candy Basket.

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