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Completing OBT and Opening the Main x100 server


Команда форума

Dear players!
The server upgrade will be completed today, the server will be turned off at 17:00 Moscow time.
The opening of the new game server will take place today at 20:00 Moscow time.

You can register an account now by following the
link .
Client and game patch, you can download the link now !
Server Description -

Our own developments and modification are installed on the server - called "Goddess Shilen v.2"

The server has a larger number of instance zones, for any level of characters 85+ (We even lifted instance zones from the old chronicles and added our own) (For fans of solo games, they will really like it).

There are a very large number of Raid Bosses on the server, which require at least a small party.

The type of project was developed for the PvE audience, but we also did a lot for the PvP audience, farming raid bosses and epic bosses, as well as top farming locations.
In the near future, we will raise forts with unique items for more active battles.
Also on the server there are Grand Bosses who appear at a certain time (Here you will have to call the clan for help, competitors may come up with a very valuable drop).

On the server, the minimum donation that can be.

All top items are obtained only through gameplay.

If you are tired of running around projects, then come to us.

The project has proven itself a long time ago, the project has been working for 3 years without a wipe and is constantly developing and does not stand still.

"Main x100" will merge with Main x50 in the future, no earlier than in 6 months!
"Main x100" is made with character development 2 times faster, monsters and raid bosses are weaker.
"Main x100" is a copy of Main x50 to attract new players.

If you have a suggestion for a server, write to the suggestions section !

Cooperation programs for streamers/bloggers - Link
Permanent Bonus for clans -

Bonus Start ( Link )
Bonus Voting ( Link )
Tarot ( Link )
Additional Knowledge Base ( Link )
Gift Calendar ( Link )
Scarlet Libra Squad ( Link )

Participate in promotions before the server opens:

[Event] Capture Aden Castle and Win 5000 Rubles!
[Giveaway] - Telegram
[Giveaway] 100 Good Luck Coins in discord
[Promotion] for participation in OBT x100.

Event - Rating Heroes (New Main x100)

May Einhasad be with you!

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