Программы сотрудничества для стримеров/блогеров Бонус Голосование Отряд Алых Весов Бонус Клан

Event - Aigis against everyone



Dear players!
We invite you to take part in a large-scale battle between good and evil!
The Goddess of Destruction Shilen sent her brainchild, Aigis, to all game worlds. At 9:00 and 20:30 you can take part in a server-wide raid on this epic beauty. All event participants receive rewards.

Duration: from April 16 to April 23, 2024

  • The event raid boss is an alternative version of the real Aigis, and therefore goes by the name Shadow Aigis.
  • Shadow Aigis appears twice a day in a special Zone at 9:00 and 20:30 Moscow time, which can be accessed from the session zones menu.
  • Zone name - Aigis's Lair
  • Level 110+ Requirements
  • PvP not available

The battle process
1. If you do not defeat Shadow Aigis within 60 minutes, it will disappear.
2. Each player is able to deal 1 damage. damage from Shadow Aigis, so defeating this boss will require the efforts of the entire server.
3. When the boss is defeated, all players who participated in the event will drop into the inventory - Usurper Traveler Trophy Chest Event

By opening the Usurper Traveler's Trophy Chest Event:

Sparkling Royal Dragon Elemental Potion 30 Pcs.
Shiny Ice Freya Rose 30 Pieces.
Sparkling Royal Gold Nevitt Hourglass 30 Pieces.
Royal Honey Dark Beer 30 Pieces.
Rune of Energy Maintenance 1d.
Lucky Coin
Normal Quality Dragon Weapon Box
High Quality Dragon Weapon Box
Top Quality Dragon Weapon Box
Capsule: Heavy Divine Armor +10
Capsule: Light Divine Armor +10
Capsule: Magic Divine Armor +10
Aigis Armor Fragment
Ring of Shilen
Shilen's Necklace
Shilen's earring
Legendary Paint Power M. Skills - Lv. 10
Legendary Paint Strength Magic. Crete. Atk. - Lv. 10
Legendary Paint Magic. Atk. - Lv. 10
Legendary Paint Power Phys. Skills - Lv. 10
Legendary Paint Strength Crit. Atk. Phys. Skills - Lv. 10
Legendary Paint Strength Crit. Atk. Normal Attack - Lv. 10
Legendary Paint Phys. Atk. - Lv. 10
Shilen Belt
Shirt with Shilen's Blessing
Mystical Crystal
Soul of the Great Giant

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