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Event - Easter Eggs


Команда форума

The AVENGER TEAM wishes everyone a Happy Easter, friends!
And launches the Event - Easter Eggs!
Event duration:
The event will last 2 weeks: from April 23 to May 7, 2024 (9:00 Moscow time).

How and where to get Easter Eggs:

  • Go hunting and collect Paints from the monsters of Elmoraden!
  • The paints fall immediately into inventory .
  • Dyes drop in locations level 105 and higher .
  • When hunting “blue” monsters, Paints do not drop out.
  • Dyes cannot be obtained from raid bosses, their minions, quest monsters, or from some monsters in session zones.
  • All Paints can be exchanged, thrown away and sold .
  • Easter Eggs cannot be exchanged, thrown away, or destroyed.
  • Chance of dropping Paints Main x10 1%, Main x50 2%, Main x100 3%.
Easter Bunny:
  • Having collected 50 Paints, you can exchange them in the city with the Easter Bunny for 1 Easter Egg.
  • You can also buy from the Easter Bunny: Scroll of Destruction: Modify Weapon Grade R (For 20 Easter Eggs), Scroll of Destruction: Modify Armor Grade R (For 7 Easter Eggs).

By opening an Easter Egg you can get:
Gold Coin Einhasad - 10 Pieces.
Gold Coin Einhasad - 20 Pieces.
Gold Coin Einhasad - 30 Pieces.
Relic Summoning Coupon - 1 time
Relic Summon Coupon - 11 times
Relic Summoning Coupon Grade C - 1 time
Rank B Relic Summon Coupon - 1 time
Golden Sphere
Pa'agrio Soul Crystal - Lv. 7
Eva's Soul Crystal - Lv. 7
Crystal of Istina
Octavis Crystal
Changing Title Color
Shilen Belt
Soul of the Great Giant
Crown of Power
Ruler's Powers - Chaos Lv. 3
Hourglass Homunculus Event
Dragon Weapon Box (Lv. 1)
Dragon Weapon Box (Lv. 2)
Dragon Weapon Box (Lv. 3)

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