Программы сотрудничества для стримеров/блогеров Бонус Голосование Отряд Алых Весов Бонус Клан

[Promotion] for participation in OBT x5


Команда форума

Participate in the OBT and receive a bonus at the start of the server!​

What is required to receive the bonus:
1.) The most active participants who will write in the technical section on the forum or in the discord group, in the technical section of Essence x5, the maximum number of tickets: defects, bugs, etc.


1 Place "Starter Set 3 Lv.
2 Place "Starter Set 2 Lv.
3 Place "Starter Set 1 Lv.

The names of the participants will be written in this topic - June 14 at 19:00 Moscow time.

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