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Opening the Essence x5 server


Команда форума

Dear players!

We invite you all to take part in the opening of the new game server Lineage 2 Seven Signs "Essence x5"

Our own developments and modifications are installed on the server!
The project type was developed for a PvE/PvP audience.
On the server, the minimum donation that can be.
No restrictions on windows.
There are no restrictions on the loss of L Coins
If you are tired of running around projects, then come to us.

The project has proven itself a long time ago, the project has been working for 3 years without a wipe and is constantly developing and does not stand still.

The opening of the Essence x5 server is scheduled for June 14th at 20:00 Moscow time!
Open Beta Test has already started!

Anyone who has a client and a registered account will be able to participate on the general server.
You can register an account now by following
the link .
Client and game patch, you can download the link now !

"Essence x5" is the main Essence server with PvE/PvP types!
In the future, the Essence x10 server will be opened to merge with the Essence x5 server.
But not earlier than in 6 months.

If you have questions, write in this thread.
If you have a suggestion for a server, write to
the suggestions section !

Cooperation programs for streamers/bloggers - Link

Server Description -

Bonus Start ( Link )
Tarot ( Link )
Gift Calendar ( Link )

VIP System ( Link )

Take part in promotions:

[Giveaway] 100 Coin of Luck in discord
[Giveaway] - Telegram
[Promotion] Set an Avatar and status in Discord and get a reward
[Promotion] for participation in OBT x5

May Einhasad be with you!
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