Программы сотрудничества для стримеров/блогеров Бонус Голосование Отряд Алых Весов Бонус Клан

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All you have to do is sign and be entered into the drawing.

10 lucky people from TELEGRAM will be awarded prizes! For each prize place, the winner will receive 50 Good Luck Coins in their personal account on the website!
We will also be drawing the main prize - a Branded Mug from FreGame!

The winner will be chosen randomly from all participants who took part in the TELEGRAM of this event!
The prize draw will take place on July 13 at 21:00 live on our Stream channel , using the random site.
The results of the action will be filmed and posted in this thread!
The Administration will contact the winners of the promotion independently!
Best regards, your FreGame team!


1. Ilnaz Bratishka (50 Coins of Luck).
2. Rev (50 Luck Coins).
3. Alexander (50 Coins of Luck).
4. Sergey Viksartor (50 Coins of Luck).
5. Igor (50 Coins of Luck).
6. Satoru Gojo (50 Luck Coins).
7. Sergey (50 Luck Coins).
8. Alexander Syomka (50 Coins of Luck).
9. ARTFOX (50 Luck Coins).
10. ViRuS (50 Luck Coins).
11. Dmitry Volchikhin (Branded Mug from FreGame).​

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