Buying VIP Status (ENG)


Команда форума

Acquisition of VIP Status.

VIP Status cost = 1000 rubles / month.

How to get VIP Status ?:
To purchase - you need to top up your balance in your personal account, up to 100 coins.
After that, you need to contact us using our contacts.

What privileges does VIP Status give ?:
1.) In Discord, your nickname color will be orange.
2.) In Discord, you will be separated from the rest of the contributors.
3.) In Discord allows you to change nickname.
4.) In Discord Sending text-to-speech messages.
5.) In Discord use application commands.
6.) In Discord, access to voice channels.
7.) On the forum - you will be in the VIP Status team, your nickname will be orange.
8.) On game servers Homun x50, Return x50 to choose one character, change the color of the game nickname.
9.) Access to the closed beta test of the server (Any server).
10.) Access to test servers.
11.) Your suggestions will be considered first.

VIP Status will improve and change over time.

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