[28.09.2021] Preventive work


Команда форума
On September 28, from 10:00 to 11:00 Moscow time, the game world of Homunculus x50 and Pantheon x10 will be unavailable due to maintenance work.
Times are approximate and subject to change.

Homun x50:
Fix Clan Hall Auction
Fix Automatic Display of Visual Label after teleportation.
Fixed NPC in the core (To improve the drop sheet).
Fixed auto potion recovery.
Fixed switching to dual mode not updating in the group window.
Simplified automatic use of the active value recovery method.
Disabling drop from PK-characters
Fix Forbidden to run the class change icon after the last change.
Fix Transfer automatic use with replacement of shortcuts.
Fix upgrade equipment with saving sharpening.
Fixed possible vulnerability of clan notification bypass (Community (alt-b).
Fixed possible vulnerability of Community forum notification bypass (alt-b).
Reverse Artei processing order and correct category for awakened classes.
Fix community alt-b (Clan / Messages)
Fixed instance zone (When leaving the instance zone, it throws the character out).
Fixed switching between main and dual class, in which autoskill was not disabled.
Fixed rune effects not being applied when switching between classes.
Fix Automatic hunting related at close range.
Fix for dual-class skills.
Added R Grade charges to Pack: Supply Items (Charges 20k) (Start Bonus).
Added to the starter set: Baium's Ring 30d, Queen Ant's Ring 30d.
Fixed restoring the original location of the character during spawn.
Fixed NPE error of canceling the EffectZone task.
The maximum number of Fame Points is 999,999.
Fix zone Sea of Spores. (Increased the number of monsters).
Fix Correct display of the number of recoverable items.
Fix the skills obtained in the castle.

Fix Mysterious Box
Skilled Angler's Fishing Pole Lv. 5
Capsule: Eternal Heavy Armor +8
Capsule: Eternal Light Armor +8
Capsule: Eternal Robe +8
Agathion Master Box
Special Box of the Master of Agathions
Ice Rose.
Pa'agrio's blessing.
Shining T-shirt Einhasad Dundee 2 Hours.
Baium's Ring 30d.
Queen Ant's Ring 30d.
Fix Soul Crystal of Honor (Not inserted).
Agathion June keychain 30 days (Forbidden to use on oli).

Fixed a typo on Leonel Hunter Guardian Knight Eve.

Toss a Coin of Luck (Fixed Auto Buff).
Eternity Strike
Force Rebirth
Last Attack
Slasher Blade
Power of nature

Event - Scarlet Libra Squad - Link

Pantheon x10:

Fixed conversion of Weapons of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon 1-3 Level.
The Mouse Coin was made transferable.
Fix Ring of Poseidon
Fix Earring of Zeus

Event - Chasing Letters - Link


Команда форума
The maintenance work has been completed.
Homunculus x50 Pantheon x10 server is available for playing.
I wish you all a pleasant time.

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