[19.10.2021] Preventive work


Команда форума
On October 19, from 10:00 to 11:00 Moscow time, the game world of Homunculus x50, Pantheon x10, Return x50 will be unavailable due to maintenance work.
Times are approximate and subject to change.

Return x50 and Homun x50:
Updated the name of the instance zones.
Auto Hunt: Consideration of the purpose of auto play and the margin of time for failure.
Separation of auto skills from auto buffs and order of skills.
Fixed deleting shortcuts with removing active shortcuts from settings.
Fixed a bug due to which parameters of automatic skills were returning incorrect values.
Preventing automatic targeting of dead creatures.
Taking java 17 to the next level
Fixed auto icons being disabled when training skills.
Skips an automatic skill if it is unavailable.
Removed unnecessary base class check.
Fix the definition to a minimum positive number, close to zero.
Parameter health check to prevent possible illegal argument exceptions.
EXP / SP bonus fix
Fixed bonus Energy.
Bonus fix Passive.
Fix Bonus Positive Effects.
Fixed a bug due to which the fort manager did not respawn.
Fix for processing skills.
Adding missing action buttons.
Participation Rewards The Gift Calendar can be distributed across the account.

Fix Items:
Rabbit ears Good luck.
Rabbit ears Charisma.
Raccoon ears Good luck.
Raccoon ears Charisma.
Cat Ears Good Luck.
Cat Ears Charisma.
Fashionable Hat Luck.
Fashionable Hat Charisma.
Halo Angel Luck.
Halo of Angel Charisma.
Demon's Diadem Luck.
Diadem of the Demon of Charisma.
Pirate Eye Patch Luck.
The Pirate of Charisma's Eye Patch.
Bandit Eye Patch Luck.
Charisma Bandit Eye Patch.
Eye Patch Luck.
Eye Patch Charisma.
Festive Cap Luck.
Festive Cap Charisma.
Elegant Angel Hoop Luck.
Elegant Angel Hoop Charisma.
Elegant Horns Trait Luck.
Elegant Horns Trait Charisma.
Red Horn of Glory Good luck.
Red Horn of Glory Charisma.
Rocket Launcher Hat - Fireworks Volley Luck.
Rocket Launcher Hat - Charisma Fireworks Volley.
Hairpin Lady Luck.
Hairpin Lady Charisma.
Carnival Mask Luck.
Carnival Mask Charisma.
Monocle Luck.
Monocle Charisma.
Hairpin Virgin Luck.
Hairpin of the Virgin of Charisma.
Hairpin Forget-me-not Luck.
Hairpin Forget-me-not Charisma.
Hairpin Daisy Luck.
Hairpin Daisy Charisma.
Angel Wing Good Luck.
Angel Wing Charisma.
Antennas Fairies Luck.
Antennas Fairies Charisma.
Feathered Hat Luck.
Feathered Charisma Hat.
Craftsman Safety Goggles Luck.
Artisan Safety Goggles Charisma.
Arrow in the Apple Luck.
Arrow in the Apple Charisma.
Special Emperor's Cocktail for PA (Made it impossible to use other buffs (Cast) - As for off).
Freya's Outfit Appearance Stone

Homun x50:
Increased the number of monsters in the location - Swamp of Screams.

Return x50:
The entrance to the Forest of Spirits 110 was made from 2 characters.
Fix monsters in the Fields of Decline.

Fix skills of Homunkols:
Cow Lv. 1-5 - Link Lv. 1-3
Choron Lv. 1-5 - Link Lv. 1-3
Nymph Lv. 1-5 - Link Lv. 1-3
Eye Lv. 1-5 - Link Lv. 1-3
Fofo Lv. 5 - Link Lv. 1-3

We completely abandon SmartGuard protection (Too many problems with it).
Starting November 15, SmartGuard protection support will be disabled on servers.
Installing new protection (In development).

Event - Kamaloka Frey Outskirts
(https://forum.fregame.ru/index.php?threads/711/#post-2458 )
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Команда форума
The maintenance work has been completed.
Homunculus x50 Pantheon x10 Return x50 server is available for playing.
I wish you all a pleasant time.

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