[23.11.2021] Server Merge + Update


Команда форума

The merge of the Return x50 and Homun x50 servers is scheduled for November 23rd. Merging servers is a complex process that can increase the maintenance time. Also, this is fraught with possible difficulties for the players, so please treat this with understanding. You can always contact support for help. Also, after the merge of the servers, the update of the chronicles will be installed on the server, to the Master Class.

On November 23 from 10:00 to 15:00 Moscow time, the game world Homunculus x50, Return x50 will be unavailable due to maintenance work.
Times are approximate and subject to change.

The basic principle of merging:
Characters from the merged servers will be transferred to one new server. It is planned to assign the names Kain x50 to the combined servers.

Basic information about server merge conditions:

  • A temporary or indefinite lock does not affect the conditions for transferring a character.
  • If the names of characters on two servers coincide, a prefix will be added to the characters (The prefix homun_ will be added to Homun, the prefix return_ will be added to the Return server. The store will sell an item to change the nickname for 1 coin of Adena).
  • Clan leaders will be transferred regardless of the experience and date of character creation.
  • There is only one server login, so your accounts will be unchanged.
  • As a result of the merger, one account cannot have more than 7 characters.
  • If the character is dead at the time of the merge, then the state will not change.
  • The following remain unchanged after the merge:
    • Level, title, experience, reputation, skill bar, skills themselves, indicators of PvP counters, PK and raid points.
    • The status of a nobleman.
    • Dual class and subclasses.
    • All current quests are in the quest log.
    • PA glasses.
    • Chaos Festival penalties.
    • List of macros.
    • Friends list and block list.
    • List of Free Teleport points.

  • All transferred characters will retain the contents of their inventory, warehouse, and items held by the Vitamin Manager.
  • All active trades in the commission trading system will be completed and the items will be delivered to the sellers' warehouses. The commission for these transactions is non-refundable.
  • The contents of the recipes will be saved.
  • The contents of the mail will be saved.
  • The possession of the cursed weapon will not be preserved.
  • The pet's experience is saved.
  • Dead pets do not respond when combined.
  • The pet's name is not saved and reverts to the default name. It will still be possible to re-name the pet.
  • Items in the pet inventory are preserved.
  • If the clan names match, they will receive a server postfix (The homun_ prefix will be added to Homun, the return_ prefix will be added to the Return server). They will be given a free renaming option.
  • The composition, warehouse of the clan, missions and clan skills are preserved.
  • When merging, the following will not be transferred:
    • clan emblems,
    • possession of castles and fortresses,
  • On the day of the merger, the ownership of the clan halls will be reset.
  • Progress in clan daily quests will be reset.
  • Castle taxes that remained with the NPC at the time of the merger will not be refunded.
  • Possession of captured clan halls will be reset.
Great Olympics:
The server will reset the Olympiad.
All current heroes will be reset.
The Weekly Olympiad Cycle now starts on Tuesdays.
The hero will be awarded on Wednesdays.

Update Master Class:
A new Master Class update will be installed on the server.
Everyone will need to download the new game client + patch.
New protection will be installed on the server (Client - Server).
The new GeoData will be installed on the server.

The client and the patch on the site will be available on November 22 after 20:00 Moscow time.
There may also be possible breakdowns in the work of the site.
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