[11/23/2021] Scarlet Libra Squad


Команда форума

The Head of the Scarlet Libra Guild, Grand Trader Krassen, welcomes you adventurer!

Paraparacots have returned to Giran and are ready to please travelers again. Green will tell you about an amazing secret knowledge, Cheren will amaze you with her blacksmithing skills, cutie Rose will show her experiments with paints, and the Blue Escort Soldier will thank everyone who helps protect the Guild for their help.

Time: 11/23/2021 - 11/30/2021

The Scarlet Libra Guild will return to Elmoraden! The merchants will be accommodated in Giran .

Blue Escort Soldier :
A soldier of Blue's Escort arrived in Elmoraden as a guard for the Scarlet Libra Guild.

  • Blue invites you to complete the task.
  • Recently Baylor is getting stronger and more ordinary warriors can no longer cope!
    You must defeat Baylor's Divine Difficulty and claim the Jewel of Dawn.
    If you bring 10 Gems, Blue will exchange them for very rare recipes.
    Requires character level 130!
  • Gem of Dawn Cannot be: exchanged, thrown away, sold in a private shop, sold in a shop, sold through the commission trade, put in a clan storage.

Recipe: Sayha's Sealed Ring - Lv. 1 (50%)
Recipe: Sealed Maphr's Ring - Lv. 1 (50%)
Recipe: Sealed Pa'agrian Earring - Lv. 1 (50%)
Recipe: Sealed Eve's Earring - Lv. 1 (50%)
Recipe: Sealed Gran Kain's Necklace - Lv. 1 (50%)
Recipe: Sealed Einhasad Necklace - Lv. 1 (50%)

Tetrarch Zelen:

  • Green invites everyone to go through the dual-class rebirth, and, unlike the Rean service from Talking Island Village, Green will do it while maintaining the dual-class level!


Rebirth service cost: 100,000,000,000 Aden.

  • Attention! Essence of Chaos is used to change the class within the branch (archer-archer, mage-mage)!
  • It is also not recommended to take the base class! Since 2 classes cannot be on one character!

Craftsman Cheren:
The Scarlet Libra Guild is famous for its jack-of-all-trades; Cheren is rightfully considered the best of them. He works with the finest weapons of the Scarlet Libra Guild. No one in the world knows how to make and repair weapons better than him. He is a master of his craft.

Cheren offers various options for exchanging weapons:

Also added the exchange of dragon weapons -
low quality and 1 level.

Cheren can also craft Elysium weapons. Weapon stats cannot be enhanced. It is initially reinforced by the element of holiness.

Weapon cost - 1 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R) .
Please note: the crafter only accepts the most common enchant scrolls, event and other special scrolls will not work.

Elysium's weapons have a bright, distinctive glow similar to the heroes' weapons, but green in color.


Cheren can also craft the weapon of the Seven Deadly Sins for 24 hours. Weapon stats cannot be enhanced.

Weapon cost - 1 Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R) .
Please note: the crafter only accepts blessed enchant scrolls, event scrolls and other special scrolls will not work.

Grocer Rose:

The most beautiful and adorable member of the Scarlet Libra Guild, Grocer Rose , loves to experiment with paint.


Grocer Rose buys common transferable paints: Giant Paints, Ancient Paints, and Legendary Paints . In exchange for paints, cutie Rose offers a special solution called Rudy .


See the table below for a complete list of available exchangeable paints:

Rose offers the indicated amount of Rudy for 1 piece. any of the above paints.

In addition, the grocer trades Rudy for Lv Giant's Paints. Lv 5 or Legendary Lv 1 Dye obtained in the course of the most difficult experiments in Elysium. For 1320 pcs. Rudy or 3650 pcs. Rudy has a certain probability of getting one of the following dyes:



When exchanging, you can get a random set of 10 paints.

Additional Information:
  • Event NPCs are located only in one city - Girana.
  • All trade deals with event NPCs are irreversible - carefully check the value of the goods and the likelihood of exchange before starting a deal!
  • All items of the Scarlet Libra Guild members are free of local tax, so the price will remain fixed throughout the event.
  • NPC Rose exchanges Rudy for Paints at random: you can get a random set of 10 paints.

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