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Lair of Istina



Characters of level 85-89 can enter the instanced zone (One Group from 2 to 35 characters).
Characters of level 90-99 can enter the instanced zone ( One Group from 2 to 35 characters ).
Characters of level 100-109 can enter the instanced zone ( One Group from 2 to 35 characters ).
Characters of level 110-119 can enter the instanced zone ( One Group from 2 to 35 characters ).
Characters of level 120-129 can enter the instanced zone ( One Group from 2 to 35 characters ).
Characters of level 130+ can enter the instanced zone ( One Group from 2 to 35 characters ).

You have 1 hour to complete the time zone from the moment you enter.
In the case of killing Istina, the timer for entering the instanced zone is reset every Wednesday and Saturday at 06:30.

If for some reason you leave the instance without killing Istina, you will be able to enter again after the rollback of the instance zone. You can check if the Lair of Istina instance zone has rolled back, as in other cases, with the /instancezone command. Instance rollback in this case will be 0 minutes. Note. Your group may leave the instanced zone if it becomes obvious that for some reason you will not be able to kill Istina. It is more logical to go back outside and go again.
If all characters exit the instance zone, the zone will close immediately and you will need to re-enter and replay.

After moving to the instanced zone, all positive and negative effects disappear. Therefore, buffers only start casting buff spells on the group when they are inside.

The farm itself is standard, the tank is aggro and holds rb on itself, dd hits, heals heal / knock out kk with dd. On cooldown, the tank must use on Istina the Skill Punishment of Justice, which prevents her from casting skills (here, for the rollback, we hang the mage's harmony on the tank).

1) Istina's Soul Stone starts emitting bright red/green/blue light.
The farm area is divided into 3 circles, each of which corresponds to a certain color (center - green, middle - blue, edge - red). After the inscription with the specified color appears on the screen, a little time is given to run to the area with this color (and stay there until the color disappears), otherwise the character will be hung up with the Manifestation of Strength debuff, which has the effect of Doda (reduces attack speed by 25 %, speed by 15%, magic speed by 25%, max HP by 25%, max MP by 25%, takes a certain amount of HP every second).
2) Istina removes the shield of reflection.
For some time (about 10 seconds), Istina puts a buff on herself that reflects 600% of the damage back. If you don’t react in time, everyone who hits her will die in a few hits, so when an inscription appears, either everyone needs to stop hitting RB for 10 seconds, or use the healer skill Heavenly Protection - Massive (celestial per group), the second is more preferable.
3) A powerful caustic energy emanates from the body of Istina.
Istina uses the "Acid Burst" debuff, which knocks down everyone who is in the area of the skill's HP to a minimum. Visually it looks like lilac funnels on the ground, if possible, you need to run out of them. To combat this debuff, some healers also use the party celestial, but in my opinion it is better to leave it on the reflection shield, and heal the loss of hp from the debuff (I have 2 bows in the party, they stand at a distance from the rb, so the debuff often does not affect them , and therefore enough balance and a couple of masses of heals, so that the HP of the whole party becomes full. Perhaps for a melee party, the celestial method would be preferable).
4). Death Strike and Sign of Istina.
Sign of Istina - A 45-second debuff that is thrown by Istina on the one he hits, and cannot be removed by anything. From time to time, Istina inflicts a Death Strike on a character with a debuff (damage from a blow - 10kk), even the celestial does not save him (single ud at the tank saves Maximum defense and 97 skill denying death). Most often, a tank gets hit, after which the RB reaggresses onto someone else, its task is to run and wait for the tank to respawn (using blinks / accelerations / dodges, etc. helps).
five). Istina is angry and loses control of herself.
Fury - cast by Istina at least 2 times (maybe more), by 60% hp and by 30%, increases her damage and attack speed. The cast of the skill can be knocked down, also if fat from the tank hangs on it, rage is not cast. When marching with 8+ people, the frenzy can be brought down by using 8 syringes on Istina at the same time (you can take it when entering from Limiere).
After killing Istina, a cutscene is shown, after which the party will have approximately 5 seconds to gather in the center and prepare for the ballista charge. You have 30 seconds to charge the ballista. To successfully charge the ballista, maximum damage is required (we leave rhapsody, gaps, the third eye, etc. on the ballista). The ballista charge does not affect the experience gained, it is needed in order to finish off Istina and makes it possible to receive an additional reward from the NPC (
Chest of the Unseen Magic Power ).

Drop Mafr and Pa do not affect the drop:
Benusta's Reward Chest has a 100% chance (With an increase in the level of the instance zone, the chest increases by +1). Benusta's Sparkling Reward Chest is 50% (You need to have time to kill the boss raid in 5 minutes, the time starts as soon as you enter the instance zone)

Drop Mafr and Pa affect the drop:
Golden Einhasad 50-100 pcs. (78-89 levels).
Golden Einhasad 60-120 pcs. (90-99 levels).
Golden Einhasad 70-130 pcs. (100-109 levels).
Golden Einhasad 100-200 pcs. (110-119 levels).
Golden Einhasad 150-300 pcs. (120-129 levels).
Golden Einhasad 250-400 pcs. (Level 130).

Upon completion of the zone instance, the NPC Limear will appear; you can get from him - Chest of Unseen Magic Power

Update 02/22/2022
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